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    Improving Digital Transformations & Skills shortages today

  • Fix your Digital Skills and Knowledge gaps.

    “53% of organisations experience
    up to 6 months delay to find skilled
    & qualified candidates needed to drive
    successful Digital Transformation Projects”

  • Emerging Technologies drive digital transformations.

    Stay ahead of the pack
    Attract and retain key staff

    “84% of organisations believe
    only 50% of job applicants are
    skilled & qualified to be job ready”

  • Microcredentials & Certifications .

    Immediate Benefits,

    Fast and Targeted

    Ready to deliver

    Designed for Success !


Knowledge .

Mind Tattoo delivers the skills and knowledge of emerging technologies required by businesses to understand Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Automation, Networking, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cloud Comp

Skills .

Mind Tattoo delivers customers specific vendor systems skills and training.

Therefore up-skill yourself through our Skills specific Vendor courses and
certification micro-credentials.

Jobs .

Find capable technology staff adept at protecting and supporting your technology environment, either through recruitment of our course participants backed by certification or through our advisory consulting service. Mind Tattoo can up-skill your existing staff regularly.

Automation .

Focus on growing your business with fast digital capabilities.
Free up staff to concentrate proactively on risk mitigation and business opportunities by automating support functions of your business

Welcome to Mind Tattoo .

At Mind Tattoo we see a gap, fill a gap, for both businesses & individuals in the pursuit of skills, knowledge development and improvement.

We are a skills, training and consulting business in the technology space, focused on Cybersecurity, Blockchain,  Cloud and SDN Network skills.


Highly Skilled and Trained Staff have new Skills and Knowledge by working with Mind Tattoo


Skills shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals in Australia alone and growing

13 Locations

around the world to upgrade your skills and knowledge
On-line 24 x 7 self paced

Update and improve your skills with our
Micro-credentials .

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work alone or with friends. Our trainers are highly educated and will make sure you give your all. You can update your skills and knowledge by exploring our offerings in

Open Course Training  |  Micro Credentials  |  Consulting Services
Job Placement  |  Automation  |  Software Solutions

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Contact Mind Tattoo today to learn how we can enhance your competitive advantage and help retain your key staff and attract the best talent. Let’s get creative about your technology skills & hiring.

Finding people and jobs for digital opportunities is what Mind Tattoo is all about.

We use training and knowledge sharing as a way to work towards opportunities and find opportunities within your training

Acquiring Skilling Deploying
Sourcing Training Supplying
Identifies RectifiesEnables
Fast Digital Capabilities
Improve your business